Just behind Chesil beach in Dorset is Fleet Lagoon which is the home of the Abbotsbury Swannery and has a fascinating history which includes a village partly destroyed by a Tsunami, smuggling and fishing plus the siting of the classic 19th century novel Moonfleet  by Falkner.moonfleet

Whilst walking around the shore, on a warm still hazy sunny day, my wife and I came across some workboats and I had to paint them looking towards Portland Bill.

Beachy Head Lighthouse

I am currently working on a painting of the Beachy Head lighthouse having seen an amazing shot on the tv beachy-head.

In 2011 Trinity house decided to allow the lighthouse to fade to a natural grey granite colour to save the cost of painting it. A campaign was started to fund a repaint and help preserve its much loved iconic red and white stripes, which was successful and the result is the amazing view of it that we now have. The current paint job is expected to last 10 years. I am painting the lighthouse with the tide out to show more of the coast. Hopefully it will be as stunning as this clip above.


Happy new year 2017

Best wishes to all that view this site. If you are a fellow artist I hope you have even more success in 2017 and if you are an art lover then I wish you the very best of wishes for 2017 too.

For the artists remember…

“it is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”      —     Edmund Hillary

Painterly style

It has taken a long time to reduce the level of detail in my work whilst still portraying the various qualities that I want to show within the subject of each painting and this is an ongoing process that will take me into the future.

In a realistic approach to painting the edges of objects and shapes are drawn and are important. This is replaced in a painterly approach by making the relationship of shapes and colours more important than their edges or outlines resulting in a style where brush strokes and colour masses attempt to express the painted subject rather than accuracy through outlines. The viewer is able to fill in any lack of detail. The painterly result is a looser more impression of the subject rather that a realistic photographic portrayal.

Sidmouth cliffs


Paintings can contain a mixture of both styles.  I feel that the most painterly pictures I have managed to achieve so far are Armericao De Pera, Portugal and Sidmouth cliffs.

I hope you enjoy my efforts in trying to achieve this painting style.