Ibsley Bridge

avon bridgeIt was a lovely day without too much wind so I decided to cycle down to the bridge at Ibsley over the river Avon and try some watercolour painting en plein air.

I sat next to the river which flowed deep and clear with long waving water weeds and the swans cruising around.

I have often admired this bridge built with dressed Purbeck Stone in the late 1700s, upgraded in the 1930s and is grade II listed.



High Halstow Station c.1960

As a boy living in High Halstow Kent, I remember that one of the main exciting events during our day was the occasional steam train passing throught the outskirts of the village from either Gravesend or Allhallows. My brother and I would sometimes run down to either the village station or to the next bridge over the line on the road to Hoo, when we could all see it passing under our feet and covering us with smoke soot and cinders.

So I painted it: –

H Class High Halstow


Just behind Chesil beach in Dorset is Fleet Lagoon which is the home of the Abbotsbury Swannery and has a fascinating history which includes a village partly destroyed by a Tsunami, smuggling and fishing plus the siting of the classic 19th century novel Moonfleet  by Falkner.moonfleet

Whilst walking around the shore, on a warm still hazy sunny day, my wife and I came across some workboats and I had to paint them looking towards Portland Bill.

Beachy Head Lighthouse

I am currently working on a painting of the Beachy Head lighthouse having seen an amazing shot on the tv beachy-head.

In 2011 Trinity house decided to allow the lighthouse to fade to a natural grey granite colour to save the cost of painting it. A campaign was started to fund a repaint and help preserve its much loved iconic red and white stripes, which was successful and the result is the amazing view of it that we now have. The current paint job is expected to last 10 years. I am painting the lighthouse with the tide out to show more of the coast. Hopefully it will be as stunning as this clip above.